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  1. Two months ago it was Flappy Bird, this week it's 2048 ! If you missed it, you didn't waste your time in an addictive puzzle game, so be careful... we don't care if you don't win ...
  2. The last 3 months, I had the opportunity to join the “Appli Academy”, a selection of 50 students to help each other with Facebook groups, meetings and coaches to develop for Wi...
  3. Loopse is created to be a social network for riders. But a good social network has a newsfeed / newspaper, and what better way for us riders to have the latest spots added, the n...

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Some kind of madness


Is starting to evolve

I think turn an idea into a finished project is the best way to explore a technology, to learn again and again, seeing every possibility and overcome obstacles.

The experience is the key. Hi Di Oh


About Me

  • Remi Santos
  • Remi Santos
  • Remi Santos
  • Remi Santos


I'm currently studying informatics systems at INGESUP in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. I'm 19 and I've been living in Bordeaux (France) for two years.

Passionate about life

Loving life, be optimistic and never give up, that's how I live. Rollerblade, go out, discover, code/create, enjoy.

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Remi Santos

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